What are the electric forklift safety devices?

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 Electric forklifts are commonly used in traditional manufacturing or emerging industries. What safety devices are available? We can use it to improve the level of safety protection. I have summarized them today and hope some of these devices can be of interest to you or applied to the forklift you use.

The safety devices that come with electric forklifts from the factory include brakes, parking brakes, various indicator lights, horns, reversing buzzers, traveling flashing lights, headlights, fork locating pins, mirrors, roof guards, and double fork backrests.

The roof guards mentioned here are mainly to prevent damage from falling objects. Domestic regulations require that forklifts with a lifting height greater than 1.8 meters need to be equipped with a top guard. Some of the forklifts we see daily do not have a roof rack, so care needs to be taken. From a risk perspective, I recommend using a forklift with a roof rack when the lifting height is greater than the operator's height.

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Traffic warning lights: headlights, brake/turn/reverse indicator; forklift mirrors reversing buzzer forklift forklift positioning pins; forklift seat belts; forklift fire extinguishers; reversing radar, when the radar detects objects within 0.3-3 meters when reversing, the buzzer will alarm. Blue light, when reversing or forwarding, the blue light will shine on the ground to remind pedestrians that a forklift is about to pass.

Electric forklift start-stop device: currently there are two forms. One is that the forklift can be started only when the driver is in the seat; the other is interlocked with the seat belt, so that the forklift can be started only when the seat belt is fastened. Some manufacturers call it seat OPS system.

Electric forklift start/stop device.jpg

Electric forklift speed limit alarm: two parameters can be set. The first parameter is that the forklift will start to alarm to remind the safety when the speed is exceeded. The other parameter is when the speed exceeds the alarm and prompt speeding, forcing the forklift to slow down.

Collision warning system: Forklift approaching collision warning system, Bay blind zone collision warning system. Pedestrian proximity collision warning systems, collision warning systems have different warning ranges depending on the manufacturer's products. The range of a manufacturer's pedestrian approach warning system is: a circle with a radius of 13 meters, centered on the forklift.

Electric Forklift Approach Collision Warning System: It can be used in places where multiple forklifts are used and in forklift operations in narrow aisles.

Collision warning system for electric forklifts.jpg

Blind Zone Collision Early Warning System: can be applied to blind zones such as intersections, corners, entrances and exits.

Pedestrian approaching collision warning system: applicable to the area where personnel and forklifts cannot be separated. In addition, the safe distance between pedestrians and forklift trucks provides engineering control and enhances the level of protection.

Driver management system: authorized personnel can start the forklift; mandatory pre-use inspection; collision and speeding detection and alarm; seatbelt use monitoring and alarm; travel monitoring records (collision records, speeding records, driver records, etc.)

Active stability control system for electric forklift trucks: including maximum speed limit, control of turning speed, control of mast front tilt angle and control of front and rear tilt angle speed.


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