The difference between forklift trucks with and without a center cylinder

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First, the role of forklift center cylinder

The center cylinder is one of the core components of the forklift hydraulic system, which controls the movement of the corresponding action elements in the hydraulic system by adjusting the flow and pressure of the hydraulic oil. The cylinder is generally composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod and other parts. The cylinder plays a very important role in the lifting and traveling process of forklift trucks, mainly in the following aspects:

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1. Controlling the rise and fall of the fork

When the forklift works, it needs hydraulic oil pressure to realize the fork rising and falling. By controlling the hydraulic oil, the center cylinder can slow down or speed up the fork rise and fall, which improves the operation efficiency and safety.

2. Maintaining balance performance

During loading of goods, it is necessary to keep the fork in balance at all times, otherwise it may lead to safety accidents such as tilting and dropping of goods. The center cylinder keeps the fork in balance by controlling the flow of hydraulic oil in and out of the cylinder.

3. Adjusting the fork opening angle

Forklift trucks need to adjust the fork opening angle according to the size and shape of the cargo. By controlling the movement of the piston of the middle cylinder, the opening and closing of the fork can be realized to improve the flexibility of the forklift.

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Second, what is the difference between forklift trucks with and without a center cylinder?

When forklift trucks are designed, some manufacturers choose not to assemble a center cylinder to reduce costs, so there is a clear difference between forklift trucks with and without a center cylinder.

1. Difference in performance

Forklift with center cylinder is more stable and reliable than forklift without center cylinder, and the operation is more smooth. The center cylinder can have a direct impact on the lifting capacity, stability, balance and other aspects of the forklift, making the forklift with a center cylinder is more suitable for some heavy-duty, high-intensity, long-time work occasions.

2. Price difference

Forklift trucks with a center cylinder are usually more expensive than those without a center cylinder. Although the price of forklift without center cylinder is lower, but it does not have the role of center cylinder, the effect of using it may be affected to some extent.

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Three, conclusion

The center cylinder is one of the core components of the hydraulic system of the forklift truck, which can have an important impact on the performance of the forklift truck. There is an obvious difference between forklifts with and without a center cylinder, which needs to be judged according to one's own needs when choosing.


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