Forklift Driving Precautions

Time: 2023-07-12



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The operation of forklift drivers must meet the requirements of safety regulations:

1Forklift operators must be trained and obtain a forklift driving license before they are allowed to work, and unlicensed personnel are strictly prohibited from driving forklifts.   

2Strictly implement the "forklift safety operating procedures   

3Strictly according to the plant motor vehicle driving requirements.   

4Forklift workers are not allowed to drink and drive.   

5Forklift workers should be neatly dressed for driving, not bare shoulders, wearing slippers driving operations.   

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6Check whether the turn signals, brakes, horns, headlights and reflective mirrors are intact; whether the forks are bent, damaged and cracked.

7Check all pipes and joints of each oil circuit system for leakage.   

8Check whether the level of electricity, hydraulic oil and coolant is within the permissible range and whether the electrolyte is sufficient. If it is not enough, it should be added according to the standard requirements before use.

9When the forklift starts, pay attention to observe whether there are other vehicles, pedestrians or obstacles around; when turning, look at the mirror and observe the situation on the left and right sides, light up the turn signal, walk slowly and sound the horn; when reversing, look at the mirror and turn back to observe the situation, and no obstacles can be driven.   

10When traveling, the forks should be 200-300mm from the ground, and it is not allowed to raise or lower the goods during the traveling, and it should travel slowly when going up and down the slope. If the slope is big, the forklift should back up and control the speed.


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