Electric forklift truck contactor inspection and adjustment and maintenance methods

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First, Inspection and adjustment of electric forklift truck contactor

  1Connect the forklift battery switch and close the seat switch.

  2. Turn the key to the open position to release the parking brake. The electric forklift line contactor will be closed.

  3Select the direction and quickly depress the forklift accelerator pedal until low.

4, Measure and record the time it takes to turn off the electric forklift's bypass contactor. This time should be 1.5-2.5 seconds after fully depressing the gas pedal.

5. If the value recorded from step 5 is greater than 2.5 seconds, check that the bypass contactor contacts on the electric forklift are free to move. Check the bad connector wiring and check the current limit. Note that the bypass contactor will not close if the forklift gas pedal connection is not adjusted properly.

6. When the components of the electric forklift truck contactor are adjusted, there is battery voltage and strong current, which may cause injury or death. The operator must disconnect the battery and discharge the main capacitor (main CAP) before connecting with the forklift control board.

7. Disconnect the forklift battery and discharge the main capacitor.

8Disconnect the logic board connection wire set P1.

9, check the multimeter set barrier in the diode test position.

10Connect the multimeter pole to the diode positive pole in the logic circuit and the negative lead to the diode negative pole in the logic circuit.

11, check the electric forklift contactor to use the multimeter must show 3-9 volts.

12, reverse connection wire (multimeter positive lead connected to the negative pole, and the multimeter negative lead connected to the positive pole) the table must show OL.

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Second, the maintenance method of electric forklift contactor

Forklift truck contactors are mainly divided into: steering power contactors, traveling contactors, main power contactors, bypass contactors, re-lifting contactors, hydraulic lifting contactors, steering contactors and so on.

Each different contactor has a different function, such as steering power contactor is to control the steering power hydraulic pump power on and off. When the forklift is driving is absorbed, so that the power protection, when the vehicle malfunction or a spare part of the circuit does not work properly when the main control will stop the power supply to the main contactor, in order to remind the forklift driver to pay attention to safety.

The forklift traveling contact is to control the vehicle forward and backward, not normal in order to send an alarm to monitor the forklift's working condition. Some of the better forklift trucks are also distributed in the car on the various systems and sensors, when the forklift failure will show the fault code and through the instrument panel on the LCD display, so that the maintenance personnel to repair the forklift more quickly.

There are also main power contactors for main circuit power protection, bypass contactors, re-lift contactors, hydraulic lift contactors, steering contactors and so on. Contactor is a kind of by various sporadic accessories more electrical accessories, once damaged repair is relatively difficult, can do is to check the electric forklift contactor assembly has not burned out or coil short circuit and disconnection, electric forklift contactor repair method is to replace the electric forklift contactor spare parts or direct replacement of a new contactor assembly.


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