Driving forklift precautions

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First, hold a license

Personnel driving a forklift must be professionally trained, and after the examination of the relevant departments to issue a valid driving license to drive a forklift.

Second, check the indicator lights and horn of the forklift truck

Check whether the reversing lights, headlights and turn signals of the forklift are intact;

Press the horn before driving to hear whether the sound is bright.

Third, check the forklift truck speed limiter

Check whether the mechanical throttle control line movement is smooth;

Detect whether the speed limiter center controller and speed limiter link is firm;

Detect whether the socket and bracket between the speed limiter and each part are firm.

Fourth, check the forklift battery

Check whether the forklift has leakage and lack of liquid;

Check the battery for corrosion, if it is damaged, please replace it in time.

Fifth, check the forklift door frame

Check whether there is deformation of the door frame, if there is deformation, please correct it;

Check whether there is any looseness in the door frame, if there is any looseness, please reinforce it.

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Sixth, check the forklift tires

Check the air pressure of the tires, if the air pressure is insufficient to inflate in time;

Check the tires for air leakage and flat tire phenomenon;

Check whether the tires are worn and scratched.

Seven, check the hydraulic oil

Check whether there is any lack of hydraulic oil in the forklift, if there is any lack, refuel in time;

When checking the hydraulic oil, the forklift should be checked accurately when it is not started, and the oil tank vent hole is usually, when the fork is in the lowest position, the hydraulic oil level is about 50mm from the upper plane of the oil tank.

Eight, engine start-up check

Check whether the fuel gauge is normal;

Check whether the water temperature gauge is normal, the normal water temperature is 75-85 degrees Celsius, if the water temperature is low, to check which parts of the forklift truck problems;

Check the oil pressure gauge, the normal pressure level 0.2Mpa, slow pressure level 0.05Mpa, if the oil pressure is low or no pressure, prohibit the use of forklifts, to check and troubleshoot before use.

Nine, forklift start

The driver observes whether there are obstacles, people and other objects around to avoid collision; press the horn to remind the people around, and then open the first gear to start slowly.


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