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    "HELI" has become a well-known brand with independent intellectual property rights. In 2005, it was recognized as a "well-known protection" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; the "HELI" brand was awarded the "Export Famous Brand Cultivated and Developed by the Ministry of Commerce in 2005-2006" and became The only brand in China's construction machinery industry to win this honor; "Heli Forklift" was rated as "The No. 1 Brand in China's Forklift Market"; "Heli" was awarded the "Most Popular Domestic Forklift Brand" by the German Fogo Media Brand Institute. In the first half of 2006, the "HELI" brand was rated as the "2006 Recommended Export Brand by the China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics".



2. Linde

     Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd., one of the top ten forklift brands, was founded in Germany in 1879. It provides a full range of materials handling products and comprehensive services and solutions, and is a manufacturer that applies hydrostatic transmission technology to industrial vehicles on a large scale.Linde Material Handling, headquartered in Asafenburg, Germany, has branches in more than 100 countries around the world.Linde Material Handling has always focused on technological innovation, providing a full range of products and high-quality services and solutions to the global market. It is also a manufacturer that applies hydrostatic transmission technology to industrial vehicles on a large scale.


3. Hangcha

     The predecessor of Hangcha Group, Hangzhou Forklift Factory, was a key enterprise in the country for the production of forklifts. In 2000, it was restructured into a joint-stock enterprise. It has a joint venture company, 44 holding subsidiaries and 2 joint-stock subsidiaries, with 2,500 employees. It was one of the top 1,000 largest enterprise groups in China in 2009, and ranked 35th among the top 500 most competitive Chinese large enterprise groups in 2009. . Its parent company, Hangcha Group Co., Ltd., has a registered capital of 137.305 million yuan. It is a pioneer in China's forklift industry, a high-tech enterprise, and a key cultivation enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province. It is currently among the top 12 material handling equipment manufacturers in the world.


4. Longgong

     China Longong Holdings Co., Ltd., referred to as "Longgong", is a large-scale engineering machinery company founded by Mr. Li Xinyan, a representative of the National People's Congress, a national model worker, a national outstanding builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and an advanced individual in national glorious undertakings.

     The company was founded in Longyan, Fujian in 1993. In 1999, it established an industrial park in Songjiang, Shanghai. In 2003, it advanced into Jiangxi and established Jiangxi (Longong) in Gao'an. In 2005, it was listed on the main board of Hong Kong (stock code 03339). In 2006, it began to implement the "International In 2007, it acquired Zhengzhou Baiyun Electrical and Mechanical to establish a Longgong based in Henan. Since then, it has continued to develop rapidly, ranking among the "Top 50 Global Construction Machinery", "Top 100 Core Competitiveness of China's Machinery Industry", and "National Top 100 Overseas Chinese Star Enterprises", creating a legend of rapid growth in China's construction machinery industry.



     Founded in 1953, it is a logistics warehousing and transportation equipment supplier dedicated to providing industrial vehicles/warehousing technology and logistics technology under the German Jungheinrich Group.

     The Jungheinrich Group is one of the suppliers of industrial vehicles, warehousing technology and logistics technology. Since 1953, the group company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany has been providing forklift-type handling equipment to customers in the industrial field. The company focuses on solid customer relationships, grasps the development status and trends of various industries, grows with customers and opens up a new future.


     Since Jungheinrich products entered the Chinese market in 1997, the group has gradually expanded its investment in China and successively established its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai, Jungheinrich Forklift (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as well as several branches in North China, East China, and South China. company. In 2013, a new wholly-owned factory in Qingpu, Shanghai was officially put into production.




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