Linde forklift fault code lookup, easily find the cause of failure

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I. Linde forklift truck fault code query method

1. Find the fault code display of the forklift

Generally located in the instrument panel of the forklift cab, when the fault indicator light is on, it means that the forklift has a fault.

2. Check the fault code

Operate according to the method of fault code inquiry in the forklift operation manual, generally by pressing a button on the dashboard, or a button on the operation lever.

3. Interpretation of fault codes

According to the fault code table in the manual, check the code shown on the display to determine the specific type and location of the fault corresponding to the fault code.

Linde forklift truck fault code query method

II. Common Fault Codes and Solutions

1. E0002

Fault type: short circuit of drive motor.

Solution: Replace the motor or overhaul the motor.

2. E0103

Fault type: Angle sensor failure.

Solution: Replace the angle sensor.

3. E0200

Fault type: Lifting motor current is too high.

Solution: Check if there is any noise during lifting and lowering, if so, the lifting mechanism needs to be checked. If not, need to check the drive module as well as the motor itself.

4. E0340

Fault type: Oil pressure sensor failure.

Solution: Replace the sensor.

Common Fault Codes and Solutions

III. Forklift Maintenance Precautions

1. Timely maintenance

Regular maintenance of the forklift, replacement of wear parts and lubricants, etc., can effectively reduce the occurrence of failures.

2. Correct operation

Correct operation can prolong the service life of the forklift, and also reduce the occurrence of failure.

3. Close attention

In the process of using forklift trucks, you should always pay close attention to its working condition and prompt messages, so as to find out the faults in time and take corresponding countermeasures.

Forklift Maintenance Precautions

IV. Summarize

Through the introduction of this article, I believe you have mastered the Linde forklift fault code query method and common fault code solutions.

If you encounter a forklift failure, do not panic, follow the guidelines of the operating manual, you will soon be able to find the cause of the failure and take appropriate measures.


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